Therapeutic Recreational Experiences for Everyone


Being creative using natural sources of clay in the woodland

Access to Nature

Providing access to nature and Milieu Therapy to vulnerable people


Developing young people’s understanding of Silviculture and involving them in managing a woodland


Our mission is to

  1. Support outdoor activity providers who have environmentally sustainable aims

  2. Use nature to improve the mental health of the community, in particular, those who would otherwise be unlikely to access the opportunities by other means:

For children by:‚Äč

  1. Giving children, via their schools, access to nature, milieu therapy and the opportunity to develop woodland management skills as follows:

    1. To promote an understanding and appreciation of the importance of silviculture as an environmental resource including carbon sequestration

    2. To develop an understanding of the devastation caused to ecosystems when a plantation is farmed traditionally i.e., clear felled

    3. To involve the young people in using and valuing a standing woodland

    4. To encourage the appreciation of other species and wildlife and enhance habitats

    5. To promote STEM based practical skills and developmental skills such as problem solving, spatial awareness, hand-eye co-ordination, manual dexterity and learning employable skills

For adults by:

  1. Providing woodland activities to adults identified as suffering from, or vulnerable to developing mental health problems.

  2. Giving adults with mental health difficulties, in particular, but not exclusively, veterans, an opportunity for meaningful occupation in a low stress, natural woodland environment, helping to build low carbon footprint log cabins.